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    26-300 series screen printing ink Adhesion: The ink containment has a special solvent, low odor ink, but also has good adhesion. We can tolerate molding, deep drawing and various ...... It can be used for printing PVC, PC, PS, ABS, KT board, stickers, light boxes cloth, plexiglass, senior pictures, posters, boxes and fine color pieces.
    57-300 series screen printing ink Mexico takes the shape of a paste, and therefore have excellent online stability, not easy to block network, after the printing ink film dry fast, high toughness, wear resistance, suitable for four-color overprint and walked desktop sets printing. Independent of its four-color machine overprint effect... It can be used for printing advertising signs, posters, banner, banners, and exquisite color printed pieces.
    62-400 Adhesion: having a particular solvent, low odor inks, and has good adhesion. ...... V Senior beautiful pictures can be used for printing, advertising posters, toys, banners and color printed pieces.