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    JS two-component screen printing ink Glass This ink can adapt to different users drying conditions, can naturally dried at room temperature, free baking can also be baked at high temperature, fast drying ink drying after ...... It can be used for metal, glass and the like.
    MT-component glass screen printing ink series MT series is characterized by ink ink ink film body after a hard object, formed with excellent adhesion, flexibility and resistance to resistance. Physical and chemical properties of this ink, very suitable ...... Suitable for applications in plastics, molding, metal, glass and electronics industries.
    MTS-component metallic screen printing ink series MTS series are suitable for use in printing light metals research and development of high-based screen ink. Its good printability, weatherability long. MTS Series is a thermosetting inks under Baking will be ...... Suitable for printing metal.
    GV series screen printing ink This series of ink is two-liquid reaction type ink, drying conditions can be adapted to different users, it can naturally dried at room temperature, free baking and to be ...... It can be used for printing glassware, glass products, aluminum products.