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    SS-16-000 SS16-000 series is a two-liquid reaction type ink, low temperature hardening, the ink film after curing has excellent gloss, oil resistance, impact resistance, ...... PP and PE, metal, PET, FLP, FRT, chlorine-based urethane-based coating plate has processed chrome plate and stainless steel.
    SSACT series SSACT series light ink print job is good, strong adhesion. After printing and re-printing varnish oil compatibility is good, and post-processing of ...... Suitable for white and transparent self-adhesive stickers PVC PVC.
    SSGS series SSGS series screen printing ink can adapt to different users, drying conditions, can naturally dried at room temperature, free baking can also be baked at high temperature, fast ...... It can be used for metal, glass and the like.
    PET Series SSPET series screen printing ink is printed polyester film specially developed satin ink. Printing and post-processing job very well. ...... Suitable for printing polyester membrane switch ﹑ adhesive labels.
    SS8-000 series SS8-000 ink a variety of resistance, high gloss, good workability, resistance to alcohol, a wide range of features. ...... SS8-000 ink soft and hard PVC, plexiglass, trade designation plate, ABS, AS, styrene, and polycarbonate.
    SS7-000 series SS7-000 has excellent adhesion and weather resistance, a safe, quick-drying, blocking resistance and easy printing features. ...... SS7-000 applicable to soft and hard PVC.
    SPANK series SSPPNK ink has good adhesion alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics. ...... Suitable for untreated and polypropylene hard board, hard plastic and soft polypropylene film processing.