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    PE Series Screen Printing Inks This ink smooth surface, high gloss, color and thick, durable and strong, with fast drying, suitable for general high-speed printing. ...... Suitable for printing has been surface-treated polyethylene (PE) and the like.
    PEG alcohol-resistant screen printing ink series PEG series is a low-temperature-curing ink, ink film after curing has excellent gloss, oil resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and the like. After printing ...... Suitable for PP and PE, metal, PET, FRP, FRT, urethane coated printing has been processed, chrome and stainless steel plate.
    PP Series screen printing ink PP Series is a method for direct printing on untreated polypropylene hard-formulated inks, this ink is not only dry fast, full color, it ...... Suitable for printing untreated polypropylene (PP) and the like.
    PPG alcohol-resistant screen printing ink series PPG series ink is having good adhesion ﹑ alcohol resistance and abrasion resistance, high gloss and other characteristics. ...... Suitable for direct printing on untreated and treated hard polypropylene board, hard plastic and soft polypropylene films.
    PPE cheap ink PP Series The ink has good adhesion and alcohol resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance. Belonging to solvent evaporation drying. ...... Oil ink suitable for printing plastic buckets, fan shell PP plastics.