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    51 series ink

    This series of glass ink, glass is one-component ink. Baking, after printing ink dried ink film has excellent resistance to glass, metal has excellent adhesion, resistance to alcohol wipe, abrasion, solvent, oil and the like.

    Use the deployment of ink

    1, the printing recipe:
    100 parts Ink
    78315-20 parts
    115-120 parts

    2, drying time:
    4% glass 180 ℃ (295 and 895 three-dimensional Varnish Varnish) 4 minutes Drying

    Glass ink various test methods and results
    3, test conditions:
    1), printed material: clear glass
    2) screen: 250 mesh / inch
    3), a doctor blade: 75 ° PU blade
    4) Color: Series Ink
    5) Drying time: (4% glass 180 ℃ 7 minutes)

    4, ink printing, drying following tests:

    1) Adhesion: draw a small box with adhesive tape sealing position 1cmx1cm adhesion OK.
    2) Alkali resistance: cotton ball soaked with a 5% NaOH, drying of ink placed on the surface of 8 hours to 24 hours, adhesion OK.
    3) alcohol resistance: with a towel dipped in alcohol, dried ink rub the surface with a second 30 times (round trip), no change in the coating surface.
    4), hardness testing: Use 3H pencil, ink dry surface to 1KG force, along a 45 ° angle designated 3cm length above, the coating surface for a hundred grid test, used to dry ink eraser surface scratches No dents, scratches.
    5) visual inspection: visual no color, no impurities, no bubbles, no obvious translucent points.
    6), water: the glass printed materials printed after drying, soaking 24 hours, no discoloration, shedding.
    7) Heat resistance: The glass printed materials printed after drying, 180 ℃, 30 分鐘 bake, no yellowing, achromatic phenomenon.
    8), heat the cold: the glass of prints after printing samples were dried at + 50 ℃, -10 ℃ incubator for 2 hours, with 10-fold magnification throughout the observation of the coating without cracks.

    1, the surface of the glass substrate having a diverse characteristics, especially in the pre-press pay attention to cleaning the glass. When using this ink, can be used after first trial.
    2, after printing, to promptly with a solvent or cleaning agent screen scraping and ink and so on.