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    SS8-000 series
    SS8-000 ink a variety of resistance, high gloss, good workability, resistance to alcohol, a wide range of features.
    Printing range: hard and soft PVC, plexiglass, trade designation plate, ABS, AS, styrene, and polycarbonate.
    Ink type: solvent evaporation drying.
    Drying time: at room temperature 5--30 minutes, the ink film surface is dry.
    Solvent: S783 (standard) S718 (drying)
    Printing dilution formula: usually added 15-20% solvent in the ink.
                              Namely 100 parts Ink
                              15-20 parts solvent
                               115-120 parts
    Cleaning: Clean the screen with S100I cleaners or above solvents.
    Transparency: the need for transparency printing, choose better transparency of ink, adding varnish can increase the transparency of the ink, printing gold and silver: gold belong to in order to get the effect of the available varnish or silver powder is added, tune into gold or silver ink ink.
    Mixed standard: 25% powder 30% silver.