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    56 Series screen printing ink
    This is a series of ink used to print directly on untreated and treated polypropylene rigid plates, inks hard plastic products and soft polypropylene film. This ink has excellent adhesion and acid, alcohol resistance ﹑ scratch resistance, high gloss and other characteristics. Belonging to solvent evaporation drying.
    Attached power: a good adhesion. Its resistance level of alcohol is 99.7% ethanol can be friction 120 times 500 gf.
    Solvent: SSI 7000 # (standard) SSI 7600 # (slow dry)
    Oil can be used for printing plastic buckets, exhaust fan, fan housing, PP and PE plastics plastic products have been processed and the like.
    Standard Hue Number: standard hue of this series of ink has been indicated and described in the SSI screen ink color, and can be mixed with each other and with those of other standard color halftone.
     Number Number Hue Hue
    56-L100 pink lemon yellow 56-Q100
    56-P113 purple light yellow 56-V100
    56-Y115 golden 56-E100 ultramarine
    56-R100 56-B100 red colors blue
    56-M100 56-G100 Green Rose
    56-S125 orange 56-K100 Black
    56-195 56-W100 white light syrup
    1, the printing screen: In terms of polyurethane rubber scraper with 80-120T direct photographic film version made of wire mesh, for best results.
    2, dilution: the diluent is SSI 7000 #, added in a proportion of about 15%. GP- 1008 PP water directly printed material used to wipe the surface of the ink in use can not be infiltrated.
    3, Drying: This is evaporation drying type ink, the case put drying rack, just 20 minutes will be able to ink film surface is dry. In the rear of the 24 hours to get the best printing ink film hardness.
    4, cleaning: You can use SSI 3000 # wash water network cleaning screen and squeegee.
    5, the printing volume: Use proper dilution and printing materials, ink printed per kilogram to 40 square meters.
    6, color service: to provide customers with exclusive color matching services, please provide printing materials, the use of mesh, color swatch or ink version, etc., to give a reference.
    1), SSI 56 for the printing inks are specially formulated polypropylene untreated hard and different polypropylene polymers are added to the different characteristics of the additive, ink adhesion so there will be varying degrees of impact, and therefore printing It must be printed before the ink adhesion on the printing material to make a test.
    2), A, this ink has good durability, but resistance to vegetable oils and mineral oils belong good.
            B, if they are multi-level printing, the bottom should be in the hands touch dry, you can print a second layer of color. If the underlying color printing is completely dry, the second layer of the printed color adhesion will drop.
            C, untreated polypropylene or the above printing process, there will be good adhesion, but the surface of the sheet material of the molded article and the like may be coated with oil free form. Will affect adhesion, it may also produce pinholes depression. Therefore, before printing to check the printing substrates, such as found above situation must be washed with detergent.
    3) according to standard health regulations and safety regulations to use this product, there should be no harm to the human body, but as other general chemicals, the use of this product should also try to avoid skin and eye are contaminated, if they splash and should be based on a large number of Rinse, and treatment.
    4), indicating that this technical information and data within the company through many years of research engineers and believed to be accurate, but it does not mean that when the ink use can get the same effect, because this information is based on technical engineers test environment was developed , so when using the ink, should be workshops and operating conditions, after the actual test print and determine whether the customer fit.