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    59 Series

    59 series is a direct printing on untreated and treated polypropylene (PP) sheet, plastic products cheap light ink. The ink has good adhesion and alcohol resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance. Belonging to solvent evaporation drying.

    Scope: ink suitable for printing plastic barrels of oil, the fan shell PP plastics.

    1. Dilution: Use thinner SSI 783 # (standard) added 10-15% thinner in ink with a uniform mixing can be printed.
    2. Drying: After printing, just 10-20 minutes to be able to ink film surface is dry, the rear 24 hours for best adhesion.
    3. Cleaning: You can use SSI 3000 # wash water network cleaning screen and squeegee.

    Ink Test Results:

    project Test methods result
    Adhesion In the ink film surface scratch 1 mm pitch to 3M500 # cross-cut tape peel test as 100/100
    hardness Pencil hardness test 2H
    Water resistance Immersed in water for 72 hours No abnormal
    Alcohol resistance With 99.7% ethanol 500 g pressure rub 100 times No abnormal
    Resistance to oil resistance Cotton impregnated with oil pressure of 500 g rub 30 times No abnormal
    Wear resistance In 1 kg white cotton pressure rub ink film surface 200 times No abnormal
    Alkali Soaked in NaOH% water solvent 72 hours No abnormal
    Acid resistance H?SO45% soaked in water for 48 hours the solvent No abnormal
    Grasping scratch test Grasping with fingernails scraping No abnormal
    Low temperature resistance Ink kept in -20 ℃ environment 48 hours Good flowability
     Test Conditions:
    1. Printed materials: PP transparent sheet
    2. Mesh: 300 mesh
    3. Ink: K100 black, R100 red, W100 white
    4. Two days after the start of drying for testing