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    SKD series ink

    SKD series is able to meet the high temperature bake baked single high performance liquid ink, with good adhesion, excellent physical resistance and chemical resistance, high gloss, exterior durability and other advantages.
    1. Scope: routinely used in glass, ceramics, plastics and other heat-curing industrial production of spare parts, signs, panels as well as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal products, and other aspects.
    2. Features: SKD series system formulated by the hardening agent contains advanced resins, additives and other materials made of, have to bake the best way to get the drying of the coating performance, with outdoor weather resistance, temperature resistance, excellent in the adhesion resistance, stamping, bending resistance, resistance to chemical solvents, high hardness properties, smooth and high gloss coating.

    3. Technical Parameters:

    Test items test result Test Conditions
    Ink fineness ≤8μm Fineness gauge
    Curing conditions OK 180℃×6-8min
    hardness 2H Mitsubishi Pencil 500 × 45 °
    Adhesion 100/100 1mm × 1mm × 100 grid 3M adhesive tape stripping
    Impact No abnormal 01/2″×500g×50cm
    Bending No abnormal 1.5mm × 180 ° bend
    Acid resistance Can not afford to layer Soak 5% HCl × 24Hr
    Alkali Can not afford to layer Soak5%NaOH×24Hr
    Salt Tolerance Can not afford to layer Soak5%HCl×24Hr
    MEK resistance Do not open at the end 500g / 5cm2 load butanone cotton × 50 times back and forth
    Toluene resistant Do not open at the end 500g / 5cm2 load toluene cotton × 100 times back and forth
    4. Usage:. A join before use supporting a special adhesive agent 2% and stir the ink, the special agent in order to prevent the ink from possible separation ink adhesion agent is added after 15 days, please run out, to prevent gelling.
                 b. Before printing, it is necessary to clean the stains and dusts on the surface.
                 c. Please choose reasonably fast for the Company under the actual working environment, medium and slow the three types of some diluent.
                 . d according to the actual effect of hope printed correctly select the appropriate network version: 100 line -150 lines / cm.
                 e. to achieve excellent printing results fine lines, patterns, text, you can add the company's dedicated Gel temporarily, in order to better prevent the printing ink diffusion, burrs, blurred.
    5. Attention to the problem:. A recommended baking temperature of 180 ℃, time was 6-8min, please first confirm the feasibility of other conditions, so as not to affect product quality.
                 b. When the multilayer overlay, the first layer and the intermediate layer may be 160 ℃ × 10min curing, and finally a layer of 180 ℃ × 10min curing, to ensure quality.
                 c. diluent selected and depends entirely on the amount of printing mesh mesh, environmental conditions and printing effects to adjust the amount of about 20-30% in dry rooms.
                 d. before use and after use of the series of ink, the ink container should be completely sealed and placed in cool and ventilated place, avoid contact with naked flames or heat.
                 e. This series of products from the date of manufacture of the shelf-life of 12 months, when the deadline, please re-confirm availability.
    Note: the above the resistance test result data of the company under the experimental conditions tested, not as a guaranteed value.